Commercial - Kayan Kheiran - KAYAN Stratus Tower - KAYAN

Type: Commercial

Location: Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Plot Area:  60,065 sqm

Status: Proposed

Client Name: Injazzat Real Estate

Development Co. K.S.C

PLOTS is a modern take on the traditional mall concept while keeping the basics, numerous parking spots and entrances, existent. Standing on 60,065 sqm area, it harvests the power of the elements to deliver a mall that is as diverse in brands as it is in aspects. The array of available spaces is aligned to a primarily pedestrian circulation system, as was the case in the merchant office/shops, through which the overall motifs of the project will be experienced.

This mixed-use complex engages the human scale as it reflects a typology of the past, it is an open-air mall where the wind can freely circulate inside. The abundant use of reinforced glass aimed at procuring daylight and the excess presence of green spaces within the mall allow the customers to experience a fresher shopping experience. In addition to the open-air and green spaces; a water factor is incorporated throughout the mall by embedding small canals along the lanes.

PLOTS will stand out against a context of industrial and commercial outlets with a synthesis of technology and the physical and social aspects of work and shopping.