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Type: Commercial

Location: AlSalhiya, Kuwait

Plot Area: 1,222 sqm

Status: Proposed in 2014

Proposed in 2014, Stratus Tower is planned to be a landmark in downtown Kuwait City, specifically in the commercial district of AlSalhiya. Rising at 116 cm, Stratus Tower is a twenty-nine story tower with the lower six stories used for commercial purposes while the upper twenty-three stories will purely accommodate office spaces.

Stratus Tower will focus on maximized views of the city, and will introduce a play in light, that will in no doubt make an imprint on the City skyline.

The Tower’s design is unique; it fuses the concept of solid massing, used in the existing towers surrounding it, and breaks that with protruding faceted glass surfaces that push out of the building envelope.

With its distinctive combination of materials and the play of different glazing techniques that combine a variety of translucent and transparent glass, the façade permits the penetration of sunlight into the building, while insuring privacy and security of the residents. The advanced curtain wall assures a panoramic visibility from all floors giving each floor a unique view.

Offering superlative facilities for its tenants and customers, the Tower introduces the concept of floating courtyards breaking the usually typical flat facades of office towers and offering green spaces that tower above the street level.  Mixing leisure, shopping, and aesthetic beauty into one iconic design, Status Tower adds layers to the unique culture of the high-end area of AlSalhiya.