Interior - Kayan Kayan - KAYAN Kayan - KAYAN

Type: Interior

Location: AlSalmiya, Kuwait

Plot Area: 3,760 sqm

Status: Completed in 2012

YBT Gym is a private gym located in a residential tower in the heart of AlSalmiya in Kuwait.

The gym was a redesign of a storage room to ensure usage by the tenants and visitors of the residential tower. The main goal was to make the space grand, with high bright spaces; this was achieved using minimal design on a budget with an emphasis on day lighting and warm dim artificial lighting, high ceilings, low seating, and cozy outdoor landscape.

In order to overcome the narrow angular space, mirrors were added on one side to widen the space and reflect daylight from one corner across the whole space. Columns dispersed within the area were incorporated into the design to enhance the circulation and add more light to the space. Wood was used on the floors and walls to keep the design cohesive. The service area was kept hidden and a wall was demolished to open a small side-room as a weight room to the larger exercise machine room.

The outdoor space was incorporated into the interior design to allow for more depth and openness. This was done through the proficiency of the Kayan interior design team that used the artifice of reflections along the surfaces to create the perfect illusion of space.